Rachel Brathen - yoga instructor

My shoot with Matt was awesome! He made it fun and easy, despite the craziness of NYC! He was able to capture some amazing images and I am so happy to be able to use some in my book, Yoga Girl. – Rachel Brathen

Erin Fogel -entrepreneur

I cannot say enough good things about Matt Fricovsky. His work is deep, rich, thoughtful, playful, and emotional. When you work with Matt, he allows the concept and creativity to merge with precision and formidable lighting. I have worked with Matt on multiple fitness photo shots that have all captured the hearts of magazine covers, as well as posters for motion pictures and press photos for well known international celebrities. Book him while you can, but make sure he still has time for me!" – Erin Fogel

Mary Walters - personal trainer

Doing poses and exercises perfectly in front of the camera is somewhat of a challenge, but Matt is very patient and encouraging. Getting the pose right was just as important to him as it was to me- and he's a perfectionist with lighting which I really appreciated. He made sure I was completely happy with the result before we wrapped the shoot. Matt Fricovsky's photographs were flawless and exactly what I needed to make my website look more professional. I will be using him again when it needs a fresh look! Thanks Matt! – Mary Walters

Bee Bosnak - yoga instructor

Matt Fricovsky captures the essence of poetry in motion from a yogis perspective. He evokes feelings of grace and beauty. His charm and his ability to make you move for him is like no other. By far the greatest photographer I have worked with. - Bee Bosnak.

KyleKlaus - actor, fitness model

Matt has the ability of creating an amazing depth and individuality all his own to a photograph, while at the same time listening to exactly the type of feel and look you are going for. I hired Matt for headshots when I first arrived in NYC and to this day it still remains as one of best headshots I’ve used. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone that has seen all Matt's images. –Kyle Klaus

Molly Lehman - yoga instructor

Matt Fricovsky is a magician with the ability to let his subject's best qualities shine. He knows when to make suggestions and when to let you explore your own inclinations. I'm quite shy and Matt's mellow and patient charisma made me feel at ease. He captures once in a lifetime images to cherish forever. – Molly Lehman

Jenna of All Star Paws

My dogs and I have had the opportunity to work with Matt Fricovsky on multiple occasions and each time I am more than pleased with the results. When working with dogs you never know exactly what you're going to get and yet Matt has a way of capturing the feeling tone of everyone in the photo. He is an amazing photographer and I am glad that I am fortunate enough to get to work with him.

-JennaLee Gallicchio

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